Have You Written Your Christmas Essay?

Christmas is coming! If you’re looking for holiday essay ideas to use in writing your paper or choosing an essay topic for your students, check out this post from our personal essay writers. Also, read some Christmas facts you might want to know.

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Interesting Holiday Facts

  • 95% celebrate Christmas74% attend parties
  • 93% exchange gifts
  • 8% achieve their New Year’s Goals

Christmas Writing Prompts

  • Imagine You Are A Santa Elf. Write A Journal Entry.
  • Imagine About Last Christmas. How Was Your Life Different, And How Is It The Same?
  • Create A Top 10 List Of Your Favorite Christmas Activities.
  • What’s Christmas All About?
  • If You Could Gift One Thing To The World, What Would It Be And Why?
  • What Blessings You Have Received Are You Thankful For In The Past Year?
  • What Does Snow Feel Like?
  • Imagine You Are Santa Claus For A Day. Write A Journal Entry About The Best Gifts You Could Give To Street Children.
  • When Does You Family Put Under The Christmas Tree?
  • My Favorite Christmas Song
  • When It Snows On Christmas Day
  • Is It More Fun To Give Or Receive Presents For Christmas?
  • What I Want To Receive This Christmas Is…
  • The Worst Snowman I Ever Made
  • Being One Of Santa’s Reindeers
  • What Are The Things You Learned From “A Christmas Carol”?
  • How Would You Want To Be Decorated If You Were A Christmas Tree?
  • What Is Your Fondest Memory Of Christmas?
  • What Is Your Favorite Food Around The Holidays?
  • Talk About Your Worst Christmas Day
  • Discuss About A Handcrafted Gift You Have Given Someone For Christmas.
  • Talk About Your Favorite Christmas Song And Tell Why.
  • Write About The History Of Christmas.
  • How To Make Christmas More Environmental-Friendly
  • What Kind Of Toys Would You Like To Build If You Were A Santa Elf?
  • Do You Like Celebrating Christmas Eve Or Christmas
  • Most Memorable Christmas With Your Friends

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